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Eight factors affecting glass bottle finish
Release time: 2016/4/9   Already browse:1916
Glass bottles in molding production, and sometimes the bottle will appear many flecky wrinkled skin, bubbles and scratches, caused by the following reasons:
Glass preform into the first mode shape can not accurately into at the beginning of mold, and mold wall friction is too large, the crease formation, is blowing wrinkles diffusion amplification in
Glass bottle body folds.
2 upper machine scissors mark is too large, individual glass bottle forming scar appeared in the bottle after the scissors.
3 glass bottles of the initial mold and the mold material is poor, the density is not enough, after high temperature oxidation too fast, in the mold surface to form a small concave point, after forming the glass bottle surface is not smooth.
4 glass bottle mold oil quality difference will make the mold lubrication is not enough, the dropping speed is reduced, the material type change too fast.
5. Beginning mould design is not reasonable, cavity is large or small, material drops into the forming die is blowing diffusion uneven, the glass bottle body spots
6 the speed of the machine drops is not uniform, the adjustment of the air nozzle will make the glass bottle initial die and mold temperature is not harmonious, easy to make the cold spot in the glass bottle bottle, directly affect the finish.
7 in the furnace, the glass material liquid is not clean or material temperature is not uniform, also can make the output of the glass bottle of bubbles, small particles, small hemp.
The 8 ranks of machine speed too fast or slow will appear in the glass bottle is not uniform, the bottle wall thickness varies, produce spots.

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