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Dilute import intention is to help Chinese products go out?
Release time: 2016/5/28   Already browse:1765
12 local cross-border electricity supplier comprehensive test area of the implementation of the program has been released.
In May 27th, the Guangdong provincial government announced China (Guangzhou), Chinese (Shenzhen) implementation of Comprehensive Experimental Zone cross-border e-commerce, a clear focus on cross-border electricity supplier B2B (business to business) related technical standards, business process, supervision mode and information technology pilot.
Belong to the national cross-border electricity supplier comprehensive test area of Guangzhou and Shenzhen, this is emphasized in the program to promote exports, for the public opinion has been much before the introduction of incentives to encourage imports, there is little mention.
Vice president of China international e-commerce center Li Mingtao told surging news. Encourage cross-border electricity supplier''s intention is to hope that more products with Chinese quality go out, so you can see the main direction is to encourage exports and B2B.
Shenzhen comprehensive test area program, said that by 2020, the city''s cross-border e-commerce transactions exceeded $100 billion, an average annual increase of about 30%. Prior to this announcement by Chinese (Ningbo) implementation of the comprehensive test area of cross-border e-commerce solutions, also referred to the corresponding construction goal, to cross-border e-commerce transactions in 2018 amounted to more than $15 billion, accounting for Ningbo''s total import and export trade volume of 15%, of which exports $13 billion.
On the one hand is facing downward pressure on exports, to expand new channels, second is relative to the line of cross-border electricity trade channels, more directly, fewer links, more importantly, overseas consumption data can be reflected through the export platform, let Chinese corporate control of overseas trade channels." Li Mingtao said that this allows enterprises to overseas consumption trends have a more direct control channels.
Support for the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade enterprises is one of the main tasks of cross-border electricity supplier comprehensive test area. Guangzhou comprehensive test area in the program is clear, to encourage the use of foreign trade enterprises to expand cross-border e-commerce import and export, the use of large cross-border e-commerce platform to expand domestic and international markets. Shenzhen comprehensive test area program also mentioned the support of brand enterprises and quality products to expand exports through cross-border e-commerce.
Support the cross-border electricity way to go, need more policy support, such as tax rebates and settlement etc.. Guangzhou Comprehensive Experimental Zone will actively seek cross-border cross-border retail electricity suppliers export exempt from value-added tax and consumption tax policy, simplifying procedures, optimizing the tax refund service, are also encouraged to engage in cross-border e-commerce individuals opening foreign exchange settlement account, real time allows cross-border e-commerce enterprises cross-border RMB financing in a certain range.
Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center Director Zhang Zhouping B2B and cross-border electricity supplier on the surging news that foreign exchange and tax rebates are two of the most important aspects of traditional foreign trade enterprises in the cross-border electricity supplier, can improve the utilization of funds. Li Mingtao said, now the export tax rebate has certain procedures and processes, there are corporate credit rating credit relationship, better export tax rebate cycle is short, some do line trade of small and medium-sized enterprises export tax rebate cycle is relatively long. In addition, the construction of the relevant overseas positions have also been incorporated into the Guangdong comprehensive experimental zone two cross-border electricity scheme, especially in Guangzhou area of test confirm the key is to promote the construction of overseas positions, and to increase the rent to build overseas warehouse policy support.
It is worth noting that, in the field of inspection and quarantine, Guangdong hopes to treat cross-border import electricity supplier has greater flexibility.
Guangzhou comprehensive test area in the program pointed out that the exploration of cross-border e-commerce imports of goods to implement quality traceability management, encourage domestic brand-name enterprises through market procurement of export.
Support for national ministries, decentralized registration, foreign manufacturers of imported food imported animals and plants and their products inspection and import food and cosmetics registration, security review authority.
To import food and cosmetics registration, is currently the cross-border electricity supplier B2C (business to buyers) is one of the focus of the import sector, the first import registration filing requirements before the introduction of the new deal in the cross-border electricity supplier, causing a large number of strong rebound, eventually the policy has been suspended for a year.
Li Mingtao said that this also shows that the local authorities want to devolve more power, easy to carry out cross-border electricity supplier. However, for the two program announced time coincides with the announcement of a new cross-border buffer period policy, Li Mingtao believes that just a coincidence in time, but whether it is imported from B2C, or B2B for export, the government policy is that the reaction speed of rapid development wants to encourage cross-border electricity supplier.
Zhang Zhouping said, to encourage the export of cross-border electricity supplier, or from the government level, policy support, overseas warehouse construction and other aspects, such as reducing the traditional foreign trade enterprises cross-border electricity supplier development cost, give more subsidies to enterprises to shorten the reporting process, improve the efficiency of."
Surging news | 2016-05-28

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