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Latest information
Condiment storage bottles should be selected
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Condiment storage bottles should be selected
Less plastic or stainless steel utensils
Condiments are generally processed products, acidic or alkaline, so if placed in a long term in the metal containers, easy to erode the metal caused by seasoning flavor change. While the stainless steel container is loaded with spices, although durable, but for a long time, such as acid and alkali corrosion of strong objects, prone to electrolyte reactions, the material will fall off phenomenon. This drop of material mixed with spices into the human body, easy to cause damage to the human liver, serious and even the risk of liver cancer. (see glass)
There are some family love for beverage bottles or bottled mineral water daily necessaries, in fact it is not good. The main raw material for the production of beverage bottles is polypropylene plastic, non-toxic, for containing soda cola beverage has no adverse effects on the human body; but because of the plastic bottle still contains a small amount of ethylene monomer, if the long-term storage of wine, vinegar and other fat soluble organic compounds, while the chemical reaction will occur. Long term consumption of food contaminated by ethylene, will make people dizzy, headache, nausea, loss of appetite, memory loss, etc., can also lead to severe anemia.
Make sure there''s no bottled sauce ceramic glaze
Because there is no ceramic metal components, such as sauces and so will not be with the chemical reaction, is used for holding condiments utensils. However, some instruments have glazed ceramic material used, so in the choice of ceramic products, try to choose no glaze ceramic glaze, because there will be some metal exceed the standard. That is when the choose and buy as little as possible or choose a lot of ceramic riotous with colour pattern, try to choose a net color ceramic color clean.
For sauces and other condiments, the most suitable should be using glass. Because of the stable nature of glassware, chemical reactions are not easy to occur, and the quality of seasoning will not be affected.
Dry cargo condiment edible oil to avoid high temperature water
Mentioned is soy sauce salt directly for cooking seasoning for star anise is the most important in terms of dry cargo, creating a dry environment. Buy back should be installed with the sealed vessel, stored in a dry environment.
Because the grease in the high temperature oxidation reaction will be very fast, so be careful not to eat oil directly on the hearth side, although very convenient, but the stove temperature is easy for edible oil deterioration of the situation there. Soy sauce sauce, sauce also contains oil ingredients.
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